Focus Learning Academy and Focus North High School is proud

to work with other community organizations to provide meaningful
assistance to our students and family members.

Helping hands through healing hearts... that's the motto of Project Nurture, an initiative created by Focus Schools of Columbus, Ohio. Many of the teens and young adults that attend Focus are young parents or guardians with the hope of creating a better life for themselves and the children they care for on a daily basis.

Helping felons find jobs is the core of what we do and why was created.  We have in-depth lists of jobs for felons by city and state, companies that hire felons, job training resources, and even our own job board.

The WHEPMom Project provides educational, emotional and financial support to mothers throughout their pregnancy. We also provide mentoring and support throughout the baby’s first year of life. Our goal is to help decrease infant mortality in Columbus by raising awareness on Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and ways to reduce its risks while making life easier, cleaner and healthier for young moms in need.

Just Corrections inspires and enables changes in behavior and prepares men and women for the challenges they will face as they re-enter their communities. Special emphasis being place on finding employment.